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The Michel Vaillant Art Strips are adaptations of drawings by Jean Graton, author of the comics Michel Vaillant and Julie Wood.

These adaptations are edited and enhanced by Dominique Chantrenne, Artistic Director of the Jean Graton foundation.

The combined talents of both, the Artist and Graphic Designer gave birth to new masterpieces, the Michel Vaillant Art Strips, which propel the cult comics of motorsport onto to the contemporary art scene.

The Jean Graton Foundation commissioned their Artistic Director and Art Dynamics to publish these limited and individually numbered artworks (30 copies) along with a certificate of authenticity.


The Michel Vaillant Art Strips are available in two distinct finishings :


1. The Plexiglas version has a very modern feel to it, with its shiny effect. An aluminium frame is attached on the back to facilitate its suspension

Fine Art Papier-Finish

2. This comes across as a more vintage: a print on Art Paper of the Hahnenmühle brand is glued on an aluminium plate, which in return is fixated on an aluminium frame and surrounded by a wooden box, featuring two colours to chose from, either black or white.


The Michel Vaillant Art Strips BOX includes the first thirteen Art Strips on Fine Art paper, in the format of 30 x 30 cm, and comes with a brochure describing the history of every feature piece of art.

A very special showpiece which allows the framing of one or more Art Strips, depending on your mood and preference


Below you'll discover the brochure with the totality of Michel Vaillant's work. You will find the complete collection with the different sizes and their respective prices.

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